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Urban Nooks and Crannies – Nominations Please

By Competition, urban design

— Closing date for nominations now 28th September. Keep them coming in the comments! —

The Architectural Centre is pleased to announce its next ‘best and worst’ competition – Wellington’s Best and Worst Urban Nooks and Crannies.

Back in ’07, Arch Centre ran a similar competition, pulling specific buildings into the spotlight. The Dominion Post published the lists, and ensuing public debate was lively and altogether healthy! WellUrban have a good record of some of the discussion of the worst list, and also the best list. This year, we thought we’d focus on Wellington’s urban environment and hunt for notable ‘nooks and crannies’ around the city, be they comfortable, joyful, forgotten and/or hideous.

Nominations now close Friday 28th September and we intend to put the list to a public vote at a lecture event as there must be winners and losers, after all. Here are a few examples, to get the ball rolling…

Albiet temporary, this is a great public space from the father of nooks and crannies. Defiantly enjoyed by young visitors.

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International Olympic Competition (for Kiosks)

By Competition, News

With a tip of the Hat to the inimitable BLDGBLOG, we’re delighted to inform you of an international competition to design service kiosks for the 2012 Olympics in London’s east end. Stratford, to be precise, at the end of the Jubilee Line. Yes, its a long way from here in New Zealand – but hey, why not try it? Take on the word and be up there on stage along with buildings by Zaha et al…

So: go to the Architecture Foundation’s website and download all the info that you need (the Arch Foundation is just like the Arch Centre, except about a billion times more better funded, and run by really famous people, and employs their own staff, and has their own building etc. See, just like us, but without the people, the staff, the building, or the money).

Best of luck – oh, and if you win, tell them we sent you…

Tee Free

By Competition, News

The results of the competition for the Outer Tee were announced today – this morning, over a very tasty breakfast, with most of the architectural and creative people in Wellington in attendance. The results are that 6 schemes were picked as first place, ie with ideas worth exploring and worth taking further. They are:

Wellington’s Urban Playground – by Michael Callahan
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Water Front

By Competition

With the final unveiling of the winning solutions for the Outer Tee being announced next week, at a breakfast function on 4th November, it is time that we looked at what might actually be likely to win.

There were, sadly, not many really serious solutions. Lots of lovely stuff from the children of the city, which are great on visionary talent, but low on drawing capability, and if we take the childrens’ submissions and the results of our poll to the right, then we’d have to say: build a Roller Coaster, build a Ferris Wheel, and that by and large, Girls (and boys) Just Wanna Have Fun.

But on a more serious side, what really might be worthy of winning? My guess is that anything that builds a large structure in the middle of the viewshaft will not get through. The public has fought so long and hard for those viewshafts from the city to the sea, and WWL know better than to do away with them at this stage. So, good as it may be, this one here just ain’t going to get through:

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Pecha Kucha was tonight

By Competition, Conference, Exhibition, Film, Lecture

If you wanted to see the latest Pecha Kucha night in Wellington, then : apologies, because you’ve just missed it. I presume that you know what I’m on about? If not, then go here and discover all about it. A global phenomenom by now, running periodically in 248 cities now, it was Wellington’s turn tonight (and a mix of San Jose, Maastrict, Norrkoping, Orange County, San Diego, Aalen, Columbia and Denver tomorrow night, and Beirut, Charleston, Ghent and Nelson the next night). That’s possibly the only thing that Beirut, Charleston, Ghent and Nelson have in common. Yes, they have PK in Nelson now – apparently even in Hamilton. There truly are no limits now.

But tonight was special – of course – because it was in Wellington. Pecha Kucha, known for its egaliterian treatment of all and sundry, with 20 seconds for each of 20 slides, treats every one and every image the same. The line-up tonight was Read More

More Queens Wharf

By Competition, News

Disappointed! We carefully picked a selection of the most outrageous entries that we thought Auckland might go for: the official choice of 5 contestants is out, and whaddya know – they didn’t agree with any of our choice! No giant Kiwi eggs! No rugby balls! No tacky stuff at all! But at least they have made a decision…. almost. So, here are the final Auckland 5: Read More

Queens Wharf

By Competition, RANTING

After waiting many years, Wellington Waterfront finally held the long awaited Competition for the Outer Tee. We’ve been holding our breath, waiting to hear what the results of the competition were. How many entries? Any good ideas? Was there an outright winner? Could the judges make up their minds?

But since the entry period closed, nothing but Silence.

Contrary to common opinion, silence is not golden, Read More