International Olympic Competition (for Kiosks)

With a tip of the Hat to the inimitable BLDGBLOG, we’re delighted to inform you of an international competition to design service kiosks for the 2012 Olympics in London’s east end. Stratford, to be precise, at the end of the Jubilee Line. Yes, its a long way from here in New Zealand – but hey, why not try it? Take on the word and be up there on stage along with buildings by Zaha et al…

So: go to the Architecture Foundation’s website and download all the info that you need (the Arch Foundation is just like the Arch Centre, except about a billion times more better funded, and run by really famous people, and employs their own staff, and has their own building etc. See, just like us, but without the people, the staff, the building, or the money).

Best of luck – oh, and if you win, tell them we sent you…


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  1. batgirl Avatar

    who says we’re not famous… as famous as L&P

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