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International Olympic Competition (for Kiosks)

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

With a tip of the Hat to the inimitable BLDGBLOG, we’re delighted to inform you of an international competition to design service kiosks for the 2012 Olympics in London’s east end. Stratford, to be precise, at the end of the Jubilee Line. Yes, its a long way from here in New Zealand – but hey, why not try it? Take on the word and be up there on stage along with buildings by Zaha et al…

So: go to the Architecture Foundation’s website and download all the info that you need (the Arch Foundation is just like the Arch Centre, except about a billion times more better funded, and run by really famous people, and employs their own staff, and has their own building etc. See, just like us, but without the people, the staff, the building, or the money).

Best of luck – oh, and if you win, tell them we sent you…

Tee Free

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

The results of the competition for the Outer Tee were announced today – this morning, over a very tasty breakfast, with most of the architectural and creative people in Wellington in attendance. The results are that 6 schemes were picked as first place, ie with ideas worth exploring and worth taking further. They are:

Wellington’s Urban Playground – by Michael Callahan

More Queens Wharf

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Disappointed! We carefully picked a selection of the most outrageous entries that we thought Auckland might go for: the official choice of 5 contestants is out, and whaddya know – they didn’t agree with any of our choice! No giant Kiwi eggs! No rugby balls! No tacky stuff at all! But at least they have made a decision…. almost. So, here are the final Auckland 5: (more…)

Blue Sky Competition

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Update: Due TODAY ! Don’t forget ! Entry details below. We’re delighted to be a conduit for you to find out more about the Competition for the Outer-T of Queens Wharf here in Wellington. It’s been noted before that it may be coming up, and here it is at last – Wellington Waterfront Ltd have now formally announced the Ideas competition, to be known as BLUE-SKY the Outer-T.

“Your Idea for the heart of Wellington Waterfront”

It’s due by 5pm on 24 August (to Shed 6 on Queens Wharf), and should not exceed 2xA4 or 1xA3 in size. Don’t put your name on the actual entry – it is a completely ‘blind’ judging process. They are looking for ideas – through words, through photos, designs, drawings – any way that you can get your ideas across. They really are looking for a great selection of proposals – as wide ranging as possible, to inform the way forward for the city to celebrate the centrepiece of our world-class Waterfront promenade.

Judges include a fantastic range of people, including Her Worship the Mayor Kerry Prendergast, the head of Urban Design in Victoria Stuart Niven, Michael Cashin and Ian Pike from Wellington Waterfront, Di Buchan from the Civic Trust, Morrie Love as a cultural advisor, Alistair Cattanach as an Engineer, Mike Gould as an Architect, Fran Wilde from the Greater Wellington Regional Council, and Peter Biggs from Clemenger BBDO.

“The Competition is all about Concepts and ideas not expertise.”

Who can enter? Anyone. Everyone. Groups. Individuals. Young people. Old people. Small people. Tall people. You get the idea. Actually – if you HAVE the idea, then enter, and you may win.

Click here to download the Entry Form
Feel free to discuss matters here if you wish. Any questions?

A PLAY ON TIME – 20 under 40 design competition

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

24-Hour Design Competition

Click here or use page link at the top’o’the page

2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classroom

Friday, February 6th, 2009

This looks rather cool – it’s an open design competition (you don’t even need to be a registered architect), run by Architecture for Humanity, in which you work as a partnership with a local school to develop a classroom design ‘for the future’.

Architecture for Humanity is a “A volunteer non-profit organization set up to promote architecture and design to seek solutions to global social and humanitarian crisis”. “They suggest that educating all children worldwide will require the construction of 10 million new classrooms in more than 100 countries by 2015. At the same time, millions of existing classrooms are in serious need of repair and refurbishment”.

What I really like about this is that you inspire the students along the way by running a companion design curriculum as you conduct the project. Thus, we have school students learning about architecture and the importance of good design in the classroom. I don’t necessarily see that as a chance for early recruitment, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a more design literate culture. We need more projects like this!

And, it only costs US$25 to enter… (unlike the WAN House of the Year Competition apparently…).

Click on the blackboard for details at the official competition website.