A PLAY ON TIME – 20 under 40 design competition

24-Hour Design Competition

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  1. New Zealand’s only 24-hour Design Competition open to everybody and anybody is drawing near.
    Registration and announcement of the Brief in pencilled in to take place at VUW School of Architecture on the 6th March, with submission due 24hours later, obviously.
    The competition will be accessible to anyone anywhere, with the matter of a small entry fee.

    Get your team together for intra-office, trans-disciplinary, inter-generational competition!

    More details to follow, also on subsidiary blog http://www.20u40.blogspot.com

  2. The poster looks fantastic – well done Byron – you are an ur-graphic designer.

  3. michael Avatar

    pray tell me what is the entry fee?
    being a poor student 🙂

  4. please tell us what: 60CPD Points mean?

  5. michael: $10 per team entry fee.

    grace: in the great scheme of things, very little, but less philosophically, it is a system of points that reward registered architects for ‘extra-curricular’ activities (Continuing Professional Development). In a nutshell, if you don’t know what it means – you probably don’t need to…

    Great to see some interest – don’t forget that there are further details here:

  6. m-d : can i quote you on that to the NZRAB? sums them up perfectly!

  7. CPD – very important part of the Architect’s means of showing evidence of compliance of continued competence! No mocking ! 24 hours solid design work and presentation of completed work shows good committal to the Registered Architects Board.

    We welcome registered Architects entering and submitting this competition – but the end result is, it could just as well be won by a student, if their work is judged better…. $1000 first prize not to be sneered at!

  8. “…showing evidence of compliance of continued competence…” that’s a whole other debate – perhaps we should post something…

  9. does the list of Core Competencies list Design as an important thing? I forget. If it does, then perhaps some practitioners need to be tested, or judged…

  10. The whole thing is a little farcial in that, as I suspect m-d is alluding to, attendance at certain events provides no such evidence of competence in anything beyond event attendance – that is to say you can turn up to anything, but do you take anything constructive away from it?

    The relationship between the actual events themselves and professional competency is also not established very meaningfully…

  11. IS – you’re absolutely right, but then again, like any course, its up to you whether you just attend and do the bare minimum, or actually do some extra thinking and extra research, and hopefully do some extra Doing. By holding site visits to some fantastic modernist masterpieces as we have been doing, hopefully some of that design thought will rub off. If there are any architects registered for the 20 under 40, hopefully they will really get their imaginative juices flowing and will actually, as you say, “take something constructive away from it”.

  12. Ahh, yes, I totally agree that the potential is there with the types of activities being offered by the pundits here (and elsewhere), but again, the absence of a structured curriculum and defined expected learning outcomes(for better or worse) is unlike any course… Thus having a billion CPDs is no measure of competency in the slightest.

    I agree that the encouragement provided in having registered architects attend such events is fantastic, it is just the relationship between this and “continuing development” that is a little tenuous to me…

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