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20 under 40 results 2011

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

The 20under40 competition has been completed for another year – and here’s a post to wrap up the results. Every year (or two) we run a competition to see how a collection of brilliant young architectural minds can work, in the challenging atmosphere of a 24 hour design competition. We start at 6pm one night, and finish at 6pm the following night. The exhausted remainder finish off with a party of drinks and nibbles and watch jealously at someone else’s work who had a far, far better idea. By the end of the weekend, prizes have been awarded and its all over, Rover. This year, the scenario was the alternative universe involving the rebirth of Wainuiomata.

A huge thanks to our Judges:
Margaret Willard
Trevor Mallard
Lucie Derosiers
Simon Twose

We think they made a quite good mix.

Prizes went to:
Collective Verb (Duncan Harding et al) : who swept the board really: they took out the Architectural Centre Prize, the Beca Prize, and the Gordon Harris Modelling Prize. Well done !

Team MG (Monique van Alphen Fye et al) : Resene Colour Prize, Gordon Harris Drawing Prize

Naga (Jestin Nordin) : McCashin Beer Prize

Gouda Life (Stuart Taylor et al) : there could be only one winner of the Cheesy Prize

Thanks to organising committee: Kate Linzey (who did most of the work, we hear), Matthew Lander, Dennis Chippendale and especially Rebecca McLaughlan who got roped in at the last minute!

And of course a massive great thank you to all our Sponsors, including:
Gordon Harris
McCashin’s Brewery
and especially ProductSpec (aka Jon) who helped run the event. Cheers All !

Here it comes!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

We are finally having a 20 under 40 competition!

Registration and briefing will occur at 6pm Friday March 4th, at the School of Architecture and Design, VUW – Vivien Street.

Submission is the same time and place the following evening, with a party to follow (venue ProductSpec, Holland Street).

Judging will be announced Sunday at 3pm. Judges include Lucie Desrosiers (Beca Senior urban designer), Trevor Mallard (MP for Hutt South), Margaret Willard (Councilor for Wainuiomata) and Simon Twose (Senior Lecturer VUW Architecture School).

There’ll be prizes galore – you gotta be in it to win it… or them!

Thanks to our sponsors: Beca, NZIA Wellington, Resene…

20 under 40 – and the winner is….

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

The winner of the First Prize is this very tasty looking orange blob!

More details later on the others – in the mean time, to keep you happy, here are some pictures of the entries and the entrants in the competition…


Top Secret 20under40 upload page

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Put simply:

1.The Minister of Architecture was putting together a proposal.
2.It was to be for the Stadium Concourse.
3.It was to lighten the collective depression of the 2030’s by focusing on the potential of PLAY.
4.It was for 1000 people.
5.Now he is horribly, spectacularly dead.
6.His notes are a mess.
7.We need your help to re-order, re-think and complete this grand vision.

8.You’ve got 200g of coffee, some m&m’s and 24 hours.

how tragic it was that he was killed just as he was about to release the plans for the new facility for play. here is the crumpled blood-splattered remains of the brief that we believe (more…)

A PLAY ON TIME – 20 under 40 design competition

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

24-Hour Design Competition

Click here or use page link at the top’o’the page

20under40 : 2006 : Irrevocable Irrelevance

Friday, September 15th, 2006

DATE: 15-16th September 2006
SITE: Oaks complex, from the City by Dixon, Cuba and Ghuznee streets
ORGANISERS: Don Roy, Alain Bruner, Emily Reich, Greta Stoutjesdijk, Eloise Veber, James Shaw, Steve Marshall
JUDGES: Gordon Holden, Morten Gjerde, Sally Woods, Louise Ryan

Irrevocable Irrelevance Is It Too Late?
Unfettered development is rampant!
Our cities are being suffocated by faceless buildings devoid of architecture; malignant clones dotting our urban landscapes that desensitise their inhabitants and contribute nothing to the urban environment.
Has humanity lost its imagination?
Have we become oppressed by these emotionless structures?
The Architecture Centre says ‘yes’ and now is the time to act.
Spear headed by the recently rejuvenated, and already legendary, manifesto the Centre is set to fight for what it believes. As more people are waking up to these issues the newly resurrected Architecture Centre is attracting droves of informed and concerned public and, with the organisation bursting at it’s 20mmm cavities, it is ready to establish a new HQ.
To aid The Centre, Local and National Authorities have (happily) donated some (lost) space. The site for this new Headquarters is the Oaks complex, from the City by Dixon, Cuba and Ghuznee streets. Always intended to be a temporary structure, the now aged Oaks has become irrelevant and decrepit.
As the loudest critic of the state of the city (we heard your derision), the Architecture Centre and its people have requested that you step up and stand by your(?) beliefs. The new HQ is your opportunity to embody the soul and vision of this dedicated volunteer organisation.
As Wellington’s last remaining designers… do us proud.