Top Secret 20under40 upload page

Put simply:

1.The Minister of Architecture was putting together a proposal.
2.It was to be for the Stadium Concourse.
3.It was to lighten the collective depression of the 2030’s by focusing on the potential of PLAY.
4.It was for 1000 people.
5.Now he is horribly, spectacularly dead.
6.His notes are a mess.
7.We need your help to re-order, re-think and complete this grand vision.

8.You’ve got 200g of coffee, some m&m’s and 24 hours.

how tragic it was that he was killed just as he was about to release the plans for the new facility for play. here is the crumpled blood-splattered remains of the brief that we believe he was working to: 

and here is the site:  if you click on that and download and blow it up you’ll have a scale plan….. all that was found in his pockets was a couple of Metro tickets… and a definition of Play…  to really play, a man must play like a child   his notes are all out of order and more file notes  headline from archives  lovely images of play  image from the notebooks of the van Eyke playgrounds 


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