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Urban Nooks and Crannies – Nominations Please

By Competition, urban design

— Closing date for nominations now 28th September. Keep them coming in the comments! —

The Architectural Centre is pleased to announce its next ‘best and worst’ competition – Wellington’s Best and Worst Urban Nooks and Crannies.

Back in ’07, Arch Centre ran a similar competition, pulling specific buildings into the spotlight. The Dominion Post published the lists, and ensuing public debate was lively and altogether healthy! WellUrban have a good record of some of the discussion of the worst list, and also the best list. This year, we thought we’d focus on Wellington’s urban environment and hunt for notable ‘nooks and crannies’ around the city, be they comfortable, joyful, forgotten and/or hideous.

Nominations now close Friday 28th September and we intend to put the list to a public vote at a lecture event as there must be winners and losers, after all. Here are a few examples, to get the ball rolling…

Albiet temporary, this is a great public space from the father of nooks and crannies. Defiantly enjoyed by young visitors.

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