I just discovered this, and thought I’d share it with you all, as it is a topical image for today – the last day of submissions on NZTA’s proposals for transport improvements near the basin Reserve.

If I had sighted it earlier I would have used it to threaten those of you who have not yet made submissions in a post entitled “Make your submission to NZTA or else…!”. Actually, there is still time if you haven’t yet submitted, as there is no specific time stated. You can submit online here (and the form doesn’t take long to fill out), or take advantage of our  handy ‘Option X’ submission form here.

The circa mid-1960s image is by local architect Martin Hill, as part of a regular Dominion newspaper column of the time. This is his impression of what the then mootedtraffic improvements would have look like if carried out. Note, no new grandstand for the Reserve – actually, no reserve at all…

In the article he writes the following:

This is an example of how necessary it is to consider the needs of the city as a whole rather than isolated pices that inevitably conflict.

Timeless words it seems…


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