Queens Wharf

After waiting many years, Wellington Waterfront finally held the long awaited Competition for the Outer Tee. We’ve been holding our breath, waiting to hear what the results of the competition were. How many entries? Any good ideas? Was there an outright winner? Could the judges make up their minds?

But since the entry period closed, nothing but Silence.

Contrary to common opinion, silence is not golden, but is just a total pain. Wellington wants to know what was entered, and who / what has won! Come on Wellington Waterfront, don’t spin it out again! Last time you held a competition (for Sites 8, 9, and 10) you sat on the answer for months. Then it was an anti-climax. And now you’re not even going to build any of the winners at all! Please don’t sit on the results again!

In the mean time, Auckland have also held a competition, for their proposed Party Zone for the World Rugby Cup, and have even published the entire list of entries online for all to see. Predictably, there are many entries involving giant kitch icons such as a Rugby Ball or two, a Silver Fern or two, and even a giant Kiwi bird beak. Note to entrant: kiwi birds don’t have a fat curved beak like a parrot. The fake ones in tourist shops might. The real ones don’t.

There are some fantastic entries amongst the kitch, although the kitch ones are much more fun to show you. We include here for you a visual feast of architectural entries for Auckland.

We hope to be able to bring you some entries from the Wellington competition as well, VERY SOON, if WWL get the subtle hint.

But the truly great thing about the Auckland Queens Wharf competition, aside from the entries, is that ALL the entries are displayed on line and in a gallery in Auckland as well, and that Auckland is asking for the public’s comments as well. Wellington Waterfront – do you have the courage to ask the public to have their say too?


3 responses to “Queens Wharf”

  1. SAIL OF THE CENTURY! thats got to be a winner!

  2. Well, of the pictures shown, it’s certainly the only one with any sort of panache…. but there are plenty more of them, shown on the official website.

  3. Finally, there is some movement on this one.
    Firstly: Auckland are down to the final 5 entries. Getting closer to a solution!
    But secondly, Wellington Waterfront have at last put all their entries on line, at the following:

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