Video of the Week XXXI: site specific mini-series II

To continue this mini-film festival on Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto is a film of a recent work in New York.

Touch, smell and sight (pepper, saffron, tumeric, cumin seed, clove and graphite) are all critical senses called into play in “Anthropodino” Park Avenue Armory, New York (2009).  This is a sketal, translucent indoor pavilion.  Welcome to “Park Avenue presents Ernesto Neto – Anthropodino” …


3 responses to “Video of the Week XXXI: site specific mini-series II”

  1. This is not a video. This just is a still image of a dead snake. Can you prod it to make it alive again?

  2. Christine Avatar

    Such elegant description Guy. How does the Arch Centre attract such high calibre presidents! The image of a dead snake – is an image – try the video at the bottom of the post and you’ll get a later and more spatial re-working of the idea…

  3. That was not there before! I just had the snake – honest!

    NOW I see the rest of it though….. Thank you for fixing the link….

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