Peter Dunne on NZTA & the flyover decision

28th August 2015

From Wednesday 26th August 2015 in Parliament:

“Mr Speaker, like many residents of Wellington, I was delighted last Friday when the High Court ruled that the appeal by NZTA against the flyover around the Basin Reserve was to be rejected.  And I want to say to the New Zealand Transport Authority, right now, that this is the time to drop this crazy idea …”

High Court win: NZTA v Architectural Centre Inc & Ors

24th August 2015

Friday’s High Court decision has dismissed the NZTA appeal.  Congratulations to everyone involved.  Our thanks especially go to our fabulous lawyer Philip Milne.

The decision can be found here: NZTA v Architectural Centre Inc & Ors.

A summary of the decision can be found at:

Last day before High Court flyover appeal starts …

19th July 2015


2 days to go … High Court here we come …

18th July 2015


only 3 days left until …

17th July 2015


4 more days to go …

16th July 2015


5 days to go …

15th July 2015