My favourite modernist building … Bulls Water Tower

25th August 2016

It’s not my favourite structure, not by a long shot, but I have some affection for it as my first long-term encounter with modern architecture. More »

My favourite modernist building … INDEX

25th August 2016

Here’s an index to the various entries of “My favourite modernist building …” and related posts More »

Te Urewera National Park Visitor Centre – Aniwaniwa

25th August 2016


Do we care enough about New Zealand’s architectural heritage?

More »

So why is modernism so important?

24th August 2016

So why modernism is important? More »

My favourite modernist building … Cashmere Community Centre

24th August 2016

Cashmere Community Centre

I grew up with the commissioning, construction and early life of the Cashmere Community Centre More »

My favourite modernist building … Puaka-James Hight and Matariki

23rd August 2016

In a culture that favours surface over substance, and visual sensation over bodily sensation, More »

My favourite modernist building … Toronto City Hall (TCH)

22nd August 2016

As I have not had much of a chance to spend time with many of my favourite Modernist projects of all time … More »