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  • My favourite modernist building … Computer Centre (Stage One), University of Canterbury

    Stage One of the University’s Computer Centre (now known as Angus Tait, Hall & McKenzie, 1965-66) is a building that I have long enjoyed

  • My favourite modernist building … Lyttelton Tunnel Authority Administration Building

    Lyttleton tunnel Building from north c1964 Favourite buildings can be significant presences in our lives,

  • Knox Church

    There is going to be a long period of rebuilding in Christchurch – we all know that. Which is why that the importance of getting the first buildings rebuilt right is vitally important. One of the first proposed rebuilds out of the starting blocks is the Presbyterian Knox Church, which really had the stuffing kicked…

  • Christchurch On Screen

    With impeccable timing, NZ On Screen have just published the Christchurch episode of The Elegant Shed – to go with the Wellington episode already onsite. “In this episode of the influential NZ architecture series, dapper tour guide David Mitchell looks at the ‘Christchurch Style’. He begins with the humble baches on Taylor’s Mistake’s cliffs, before…

  • Learning from Christchurch – or not.

    Cr Andy Foster’s comment over on EyeoftheFish regarding issues of eq preparedness in Wellington highlight, for me at least, something of the difficulties of this particular discussion

  • Christchurch moves on

    There is significantly good news coming out of Christchurch from this week just passed, for which we can all be grateful for. After several long months of continuing shakes, the announcement of Roger Sutton as the new head of the CERA is a waft of fresh air that even the government ministers must have been…

  • New Visions needed

    Now more than ever is the time to be thinking of fresh ideas. With Christchurch EQ version 1.0 and version 2.0 being totally eclipsed by events in Japan (Tsunami 9.0), it’s clear that some fresh thinking is due in the battle for sustainable buildings. Gerry Brownlee put his best foot forward (or, in his mouth)…

  • Christchurch

    Extensive damage to Christchurch CBD, with the 6.3 quake at 1pm today, and the numerous heavy aftershocks. Some deaths have been reported – no details as yet update: 78 reported deaths so far, with hundreds still missing, but many many buildings down. The Cathedral has partially collapsed – the steeple has gone, and a nearby…

  • Before and After

    An exhibition: Before / After, recently opened in Christchurch at the Art Gallery, regarding the September earthquake and subsequent aftershocks down in Canterbury. A link to their website is here. It notes: “Let’s build a better Canterbury BEFORE AFTER is an exhibition and discussion series that explores our built environment and seeks to connect with…

  • ideas for christchurch

    A week after the earthquake in Canterbury the aftershocks are still continuing but the clean up is underway and demolition has already started with calls for less haste in the wielding of the wrecking ball and now the debate begins on how to rebuild the city.