Good Manners – Just mind your step….

Following the councils decision to ignore everyones advice except from those that agreed with them they have lost no time in commencing the change process in Manners Mall. New pedestrian calming measures have been introduced into the centre of the mall which also perform more than adequately as holding pens for paving contractors looking to gather up pavers from beneath the pedestrians feet and redistribute them to a place more deserving.

These new street installations also serve to squeeze the pedestrian flow into a space into which it seems less than comfortable, no longer able to promenade we are forced to engage with the edge of the arcade and to confront just how drab and uninspiring it really is. This was not part of the protests and resistance but maybe just maybe it should have been. Now the choice has to be regarding navigation of this edge where you have the opportunity to dally with the red eyed pale faced smokers outside the electronic video wonderland, marvel at the interpretation of middle eastern decoration at the kebab house or visually embrace with the diners at the McD’s amongst other delights. I just cant wait for the diesel smoke disgorging monsters to be added into the mix. The paradise that the council envisioned will surely then be complete.


3 responses to “Good Manners – Just mind your step….”

  1. No wonder that Wellington has the lowest local body election participation in the whole country. Why would anyone waste their time exercising their civic right and duty to elect a council of men and women to represent us when those who get elected duly ignore us as soon as they enter the office. What a shame.

    How do we change that? Could we as the citizens of Wellington sue the council on the grounds of being thoughtless and unsympathetic to the needs of the residents? Because I don’t buy their crap about seeing the big picture and knowing best what’s good for us.


  2. I’m still walking down the middle of the mall, to and from work every day – making the most of it while I can, and aside from the occasional hole, it is the least congested part at the moment…

  3. Who really cares about Manners Mall, its such a worthless piece of town anyhow, probably good that the council are going to make it useful by sending buses through it.

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