Dave Mitchell on Wellington circa 1984

Yes its finally online for all of us to enjoy… ‘on demand’…

NZ On Screen
NZ On Screen


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  1. You might already know this one but the 1977 doco “Architect Athfield” is also on NZ On Screen – you can embed this one as well: http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/architect-athfield-1977

  2. sally Avatar

    speaking of David Mitchell – did you hear him on National Radio this morning saving the waterfront sheds …

  3. on that audio clip – Charles Sweeney says: “David’s right – don’t get rid of these sheds for a six week party!”

    David replies – “What could be better for a party – reused for a piss-up!”

    -see also commentary on Eye of the Fish:

  4. And…. a link back to the Wellingtonista site, where this video has been picked up on, and some great commentary:

    “Marvel at the sparkling mirror-glass towers! Admire Ian Athfield’s funktastic interiors and dashing scarf! Wonder at Roger Walker’s round windows and even rounder bouffant! Delight in the crisp daring lines of Massey House and Futuna Chapel! Be astounded by the “urbanity and drive” of mid-Eighties Wellington, when even the Oaks Arcade looked fresh and enticing!”

    as well as some great comments as well, including this one from Robyn…

    “A jolly good film. This has made me even more determined that one day the Oaks shall be restored to its former glory.
    Also, I would like to go back in time and hang out with Roger Walker.”

  5. Also released by NZ On Screen is this classic footage of a 1949 student-based design/build:


    Demonstration House in Karori was worked on by students of the architectural centre… Great stuff – looks like a real modernist beauty. Anyone know the address of this place?

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