Solar Decathlon launches

There is a project going on at Victoria University, that is a pretty exciting development on the New Zealand architectural scene. I know that you might be thinking that the All Whites scoring 1 – 1 against the Italians is good – believe me when I tell you this is even better.

Right now I’m going to link you straight into the Victoria University team of the First Light House – a contender for the title of best small solar house in the World ! They’ve been quietly working away in the background, and have now launched their website – click here for more news.

Every 2 years the US Department of Energy holds a competition on the National Mall in Washington DC called the Solar Decathlon. One of the most ambitious and inspiring events in the world, it challenges 20 university teams to demonstrate inventive clean-energy solutions by building solar-powered houses that feature cost effective, energy efficient construction and incorporates energy saving appliances and renewable energy systems.

The New Zealand team from Victoria University has been selected for the competition based on their design of a unique, solar-powered “Kiwi Bach”. The design brings together the ideals of New Zealand bach life into a contemporary setting, providing a permanent residence where recreation and social activities are united with environmentally sound technologies. It demonstrates that energy efficiency and contemporary living can be brought together to create a place that is both sympathetic to the environment and tuned to our way of life.

The team is developing the design and seeking support for this uniquely New Zealand entry into the competition. It is an amazing opportunity for New Zealand to demonstrate that it is at the cutting edge of solar architecture and green design in the world.


4 responses to “Solar Decathlon launches”

  1. critter Avatar

    SO exciting.

  2. Congratulations to all those involved – top effort indeed…

  3. I’m sure that you all already know but the European Solar Decathlon is over and it was won by team from the USA (Virginia Tech).


  4. No way ! Ooooh, the Euros will be fizzing with anger. Wow.

    Over so soon. It goes kind of fast really….

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