Architect job losses soar as crunch hits construction

Architects are joining the ranks of benefit claimants at a faster rate than any other profession, according to a Guardian analysis of figures for the last 12 months…. full article here

Scary stuff for our UK colleagues – I am sure many of us know people affected by this crisis…? Any live reports from the frontbreadline? 



2 responses to “Architect job losses soar as crunch hits construction”

  1. Yes, the UK and the USA have been badly hit. Eye of the Fish covered this recently – click on but we still haven’t had many reports of local architects losing jobs, although I’m told its happening a lot in Auckland. I’d be interested to know about what is happening in Wellington

  2. Actually – I was after live reports from the UK breadline… we might have some UK-based readers (or locals who have friends/colleagues in the mother country)…

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