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  • City Barriers

    Timber posts with nautical rope strung between them are being proposed for segments of the Manners Mall in Wellington, in an effort to stop people crossing the road ‘illegally’. The proposal is by a WCC Councilor, Leonie Gill, who appears shocked and horrified that Wellingtonians have such a care-free attitude to crossing the road. Several…

  • Does the NZTA scheme measure up?

    We’ve already begun discussing issues relevant to the Basin, particularly through blog posts …

  • Postcard from New York

    Tonight, coming at you Live and Direct from New York City, the greatest city in the World… ¬†Yes, there are other great cities apart from Wellington, and it’s interesting to compare how the original Gotham city stacks up to our own mini-Manhatten.

  • Control by Lollipop: Pavlov’s Dogs in Wellington

    If you’re lucky (or unlucky depending on how you see it) you might be offered a lollipop by a WCC worker for obediently waiting for the lights at the Ghuznee/Cuba St intersection before crossing the road. There’s nothing quite like being greeted by a patronising lollipop and a “Congratulations for crossing the road legally.”