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  • Boundary issues

    I was watching crits at VUW last week, and the issue of fences arose in a discussion about one masters’ student’s proposed alternative to stadium design.

  • The Public Love Tunnels

    If there is one thing that the public love, it is being let in to a secret underground space, to go boldly where no one has gone before… And last weekend, Wellington was allowed to venture into the giant slice through the earth that the NZTA call the Memorial Park underpass. At present it is…

  • Underpass update

    NZTA continues digging the underpass tunnel below the future Memorial Park: pictures enclosed. The route through is now almost complete from end to end, open for the first time ever, direct from Taranaki St right through to the Basin. It is a busy worksite, clogged full of diggers, excavators, soil-nailers, trucks, and still: an awful…

  • Memorial Parkway

    As slow as government departments move, when they really want to move fast, they can. Free from all the hassle and moans and gripes of legitimate public concern, such as the Resource Consent process, the Building Consent process, an Archaeological dig etc, in order to get the Memorial Park complete by April 2015, a new…

  • Memorial Park

    The Prime Minister has announced today that the Memorial Park is to be a Park, and not a motorway. Hooray for common sense, good taste, sensible planning, appropriate responses, and joined up thinking. There has evidently been a fair bit of quiet contemplative thought going on

  • Vote X

    The Friday 26 August deadline for submissions to NZTA regarding the Wellington inner-city transport projects is getting closer.

  • Memorial Car Park

    Since the unveiling of the NZTA schemes for around the Basin now almost a month ago, we have been having a good look at their back issues – the NZTA publications that they have been storing up away from prying eyes. Now, however, a good number of them have been published and are available on…

  • The Public needs a real choice: Option X

    The NZTA have proposed options for redeveloping the roading of the Basin Reserve.  But these are not really options.

  • Does the NZTA scheme measure up?

    We’ve already begun discussing issues relevant to the Basin, particularly through blog posts …

  • Cut and Cover

    In a surprise move, the possibility of lowering State Highway One past the National War Memorial was announced on the front page of the weekend paper. At the Architectural Centre, we have been advocating this for a number of years now – we hosted a Symposium on the design of the ‘Memorial Park’ in 2007,…