Energy-Efficiency & Sustainable Architecture CPD seminars

We have organised two CPD seminars (40 CPD pts  each) on energy-efficiency and sustainable design.  The seminars will both be held on Wednesday 12 November 8.30am-12.30pm in LT1/2 School of Architecture, VUW, 139 Vivian St.  The cost for each seminar is $80, payable cash or cheque on the day, or via internet banking to the Architectural Centre ANZ account: accountPlease register your interest in attending to


Commercial water-use, energy-use and green building evaluations (40 CPD pts)


This seminar is presented by three experts in sustainable architecture and commerical buildings. It will present research on modelling energy-efficency in commerical buildings, explain Green Building Evaluations and Post Occupancy Evaluations, and present findings from a study on water-use in commercial buildings in New Zealand. The presentations will include time for questions from participants and discussion.

Presenters: Mike Donn, George Baird & Nigel Isaacs (see below for detailed presenter info)


Understanding and Reducing Energy-use in Domestic Buildings (40 CPD pts)


This seminar is presented by three experts in sustainable architecture and domestic energy-use. It will present research on historic energy-use patterns in New Zealand, design strategies and techniques for achieving a zero-energy house, including explaining what an energy-footprint is and how understanding energy-footprints can identify energy wastage. The presentations will include time for questions from participants and discussion.

Presenters: Nigel Isaacs & Brenda & R0bert Vale (see below for detailed presenter info)



EProf George Baird

George Baird is a Professor of Building Science at Victoria University, Wellington where he specialises in building environmental science and engineering services, building performance, and the energy efficient design and operation of buildings. He is the author or co-author of innumerable technical papers and case studies, his major book publications include: Energy Performance of Buildings (1984), Building Evaluation Techniques (1996), and Architectural Expression of Environmental Control Systems (2001). His most recent book, Sustainable Buildings in Practice – What the Users Think (Routledge 2010), is a worldwide surveyof users’ perceptions of sustainable buildings.

Michael Donn

Mike Donn is a physicist and building scientist at Victoria University, Wellington. His research addresses issues which include theanalysis of the thermal performance and daylighting of commercial buildings, the evaluation of environmental quality inside non-residential buildings and quality assurance in building performance simulation. His publications include articles in Building and Environment, reports for BRANZ, EECA and the Commission International d’Eclairage (CIE) Technical Committee, and numerous conference presentations, including at the Ecobalance Conference (Tokyo, 2008), Society of Building Science Educators (UK, 2008), and the International Building Performance Simulation Association (Beijing, 2007).

Nigel Isaacs

Nigel Isaacs is a building scientist and building technology historian, with an extensive research and publication record, which has included working at BRANZ and the School of Architecture at Victoria University, Wellington. His research includes areas of energy in buildings, thermal insulation, building evaluation, health in buildings and the history of building technology. He was the science leader for the six-year Building Energy End-Use Study (BEES) project, and for the earlier Household Energy End-use Project (HEEP), which monitored all fuels and energy services in 400 houses throughout New Zealand. Nigel was also involved in the design, development and implementation of NZBC Clause H1 Energy Efficiency and equivalent Building Code of Australia.  He has published in the research areas of Water efficiency and use in Commercial Office Buildings (including performance benchmarks), Non-Domestic Building Stock, and the history of hot water heating in New Zealand.

Prof Brenda Vale Prof Robert Vale

Brenda and Robert Vale are Professorial Research Fellows in the School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington. They share common research interests in ecological footprinting and sustainable building design, and are both currently working on the new Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST) project to deliver ecological footprinting and systems approaches to sustainable development of communities. They have an extensive number of publications in the areas of sustainable architecture, energy-efficiency, and zero-energy design dating from the 1970s and their widely-acclaimed The Autonomous House (1975). Their recent books include Time to Eat the Dog: the real guide to sustainable living (2009), and Sustainable Living (2007).


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  1. Adrienne Owen Avatar
    Adrienne Owen

    Hi there, my husband is a builder and we are interested in building a zero energy home in Hamilton. Sadly we missed the energy efficiency seminars run last year. Wondering if you can recommend an architect in Waikato and other professionals who may be able to advise us on the project ? Your help really appreciated. Thanking you, Adrienne Owen

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