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The Architectural Centre has made the following submission : Manners Mall Carpark on the WCC’s proposal’s for the redevelopment of Manner’s Mall. As you may note from the written and drawn information, we were very much less than impressed. We are calling for the WCC to scrap the current scheme owing to its predominate use of car parking, and to re-design the spaces for the use of people, not cars.

Wellington deserves better than this from our Council, especially at such an important, central city site.

Arch Centre proposes that Dixon St is made a part of the south side of Te Aro Park, and is not made into a giant car park:

Arch Centre is also really concerned about the quality of the design decisions being made at Manners Mall itself, as can be seen here by our comments:


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  1. andy foster Avatar
    andy foster

    Completely in agreement with your approach. I support the Manners project, but think that the detail needs significant changes, and I think you’ve pretty much picked them all up, and added a couple (notably Mercer fully pedestrianised)which I had not contemplated. But totally agreed on Manners West for PT only, Light Rail being the future aim (ideally sooner rather than later), Dixon (east) should give real potential for sunny north facing seating on wider pavements and for extending Te Aro Park, less parking, better link Cuba to Civic Sq, and Taranaki – Courtenay has to be a lot more focussed on pedestrian safety. That probably means losing a turning movement or possibly two off Taranaki St.

    Good stuff – would like to talk more.

    Warmest regards

    Cr Andy Foster
    Urban Development Leader
    Wellington City Council

  2. Andy, thanks for posting your feedback on here (and on Eye of the Fish – good to see you read the blogs!) Arch Centre has made 2 submissions before, and now this one as well – we thought that we should make this submission a bit simpler and more graphic so that the points we are making come across clearly. We’re always happy to talk more on this.

    We’re just a bit more than concerned however that the spirit and principle of the Manners Mall bus-ification is being rammed through, without due process being considered of the need and requirements of pedestrians. The need to provide an (at least equal in value) pedestrian space is paramount – and it needs to be good quality urban design, not just left over space from extra carparks.

    The scheme that has been presented to the public by the Council has obviously been designed by traffic engineers first and foremost, and the needs of pedestrians has not been considered adequately or at all.

    Talk to you next week,



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