Letting Dwell – exhibition by Tim Larkin & Luke Feast

Where: The New Dowse, Lower Hutt

When: till May 10

Tim Larkin won the 2008 Deane Award for Decorative Arts with a proposal based on the long-redundant, yet highly efficient food safe. Larkin, writer Luke Feast and photographer Pete McColl, have created a body of work that explores the food safe and its unique architectural position between the indoors and outdoors.

‘Letting Dwell’ is drawn from Martin Heidegger’s important text (for architecture) ‘Building Dwelling Thinking’. The work shifts scales, from models to full works, but also imaginatively, from the scale of furniture to that of architecture.


2 responses to “Letting Dwell – exhibition by Tim Larkin & Luke Feast”

  1. Karn Henning-Hansen Avatar
    Karn Henning-Hansen

    highly recommended

  2. Thanks Karn – I’ll take your advice and go !

    cheers, Guy

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