Video of the Week VI: smack the pony – architects

Smack the Pony, according to Wikipedia, was a British sketch comedy show that ran from 1999 until 2003 on Channel 4 (some of you out there might have seen them?). Weirdly, its title was intended to sound like a euphemism for female masturbation – something I won’t tag this post with in case it gets too popular amongst a demographic that we are just not seeking here…

Anyways – here’s an amusing sketch that reveals what really goes on in those design concept meetings. The expressions of a bemused Jo (the engineer) are classic…



5 responses to “Video of the Week VI: smack the pony – architects”

  1. smack the pony – a comedy? i think that should be, a “comedy”

  2. Yeah – I get the feeling it wasn’t wildly successful, except for a small cult following… Are you familiar with the series?

  3. Yes, and some i know found it really funny – same as Green Room, which i found completely unfunny, whereas others found it hysterically clever. This sketch you feature is one of their best – others, i have to say, perhaps not so good. But nice to see someone taking the piss out of architects and interior designers. Doesn’t happen often enough….

    Very similar really to the Monty Python sketch about the Abatoir and the rubber handled hammer…

  4. ooh – I loved the Green Room! US comedy just can’t do surreal like the British…

  5. Yeah “Green Room” was great – I didn’t always get the bookshop one though

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