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Waterfront development

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

The long-discussed, on-again-off-again proposal for Site 10 of the waterfront is back on again. Note: Post updated to show more pictures Note: Post updated again to show plan

The Dominion Post today reports that:

“The proposed building, which would be built at site 10 – the motorhome park opposite the NZ Post building in Waterloo Quay – would be developed by the Newcrest Group. The building would feature six floors. (more…)

Wellington Whare Waka

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

A new building awaits us on Wellington waterfront. Opening early on Waitangi Day this coming weekend, the new Whare Waka is being officially named and declared open.

We’re going to devote some room to an an-depth discussion of the building in our next Arch Centre newsletter, due out soon, where we will have a full architectural review, but in the mean time it is kind of hard to ignore – and so this post just touches on the context of its surrounding landscape. Which is, at present, all we can really see.


That other New Zealand city of some little significance…

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Just to show that we are not completely parochial here at the Arch Centre, from time to time it is necessary to cast our eyes south of the Strait and north of the Tararua Ranges and acknolwedge that building activity does take place in various regional centres… such as, say, Auckland – the City of Sales (no typo there, just the impression I get every time I visit downtown Queen Street)…

No – not a post addressing the super-amalgamated-councils and the super’men’ behind it all – just a little something that caught my eye recently – some artist’s impressions of a new ASB headquarters for the ex-Tank Farm (now more elegantly(?) renamed Wynyard Quarter).


Video of the Week XXXIX: LIGHT*HOUSE

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

3XN, UN Studio and Jan Gehl (advisors) waterfront development – “a new urban quarter” – no, not here in Wellington, unfortunately(?), but in Aarhus, Denmark…


What do you think…?

Wellington 2040 – our vision

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

If you’ve come here today from reading the Capital Times – then welcome! We’ve been around since 1946, and provide a voice on architecture, design, and urban issues in Wellington. The current issue of the Capital Times has picked up on our submission for Wellington 2040 – a Council run call for submissions on what the city might look like in another 30 years time.

While no one knows for sure, in about 30 years, there are bound to be a few changes. We’ve put together a scenario of what the city might be like then – and included some nice big images for the Council, hoping that they will be as excited by the future possibilities as we are. (more…)

Water Front

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

With the final unveiling of the winning solutions for the Outer Tee being announced next week, at a breakfast function on 4th November, it is time that we looked at what might actually be likely to win.

There were, sadly, not many really serious solutions. Lots of lovely stuff from the children of the city, which are great on visionary talent, but low on drawing capability, and if we take the childrens’ submissions and the results of our poll to the right, then we’d have to say: build a Roller Coaster, build a Ferris Wheel, and that by and large, Girls (and boys) Just Wanna Have Fun.

But on a more serious side, what really might be worthy of winning? My guess is that anything that builds a large structure in the middle of the viewshaft will not get through. The public has fought so long and hard for those viewshafts from the city to the sea, and WWL know better than to do away with them at this stage. So, good as it may be, this one here just ain’t going to get through:


More Queens Wharf

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Disappointed! We carefully picked a selection of the most outrageous entries that we thought Auckland might go for: the official choice of 5 contestants is out, and whaddya know – they didn’t agree with any of our choice! No giant Kiwi eggs! No rugby balls! No tacky stuff at all! But at least they have made a decision…. almost. So, here are the final Auckland 5: (more…)