Video of the Week XXXIX: LIGHT*HOUSE

3XN, UN Studio and Jan Gehl (advisors) waterfront development – “a new urban quarter” – no, not here in Wellington, unfortunately(?), but in Aarhus, Denmark…


What do you think…?


4 responses to “Video of the Week XXXIX: LIGHT*HOUSE”

  1. I am not convinced by the video. The design is very austere and futuristic/institutional but the interspersed photographs are of a very different feel. They are much more “homely” and intimate and not so clean and white.

    On the other hand the canals make it interesting and give it more of a waterfront edge. It’s a clever way of extending the waterfront in a high density urban environment.

  2. Spencer Avatar

    The buildings have a certain car park aesthetic. I hope visitors are given free sunnies to deal with the glare. I don’t understand what the photos are doing in there. Are these what it will be replacing or an example of how people might be using the spaces? At 0:31 there are people dancing on the waterfront, I can’t see anyone doing that in the proposal, they all look like they are on there way to somewhere else to do it 🙂

  3. What do I think?

    I think I’ve got a lot to learn from them about how to make a really cool type of groovy, swoopy video, based on some pretty flimsy architecture really.

    But I think they have got a lot to learn about how to make a space enjoyable for people to inhabit. Tomek has it absolutely right – the “look and feel” pictures of what they want it to be like, are completely different from what the building is and from what the architects have designed. Contrast the sequences between 1.35 and 2.10 for a total difference.

    Small and discrete, vs large and austere. Still, they are just early visualisations, and no doubt the buildings will end up rather different – they may even have columns holding them up.

  4. I assumed that the interspersed photographs were to suggest some of the detail that will fill the gaps of the empty-ish render – such as materiality, street furniture, activity, etc, but yeah – I was actually surprised by, superficialties aside, how Corbusian the whole ‘towers in the park’ arrangement is… Swooping balconies and a harbourside location are simply not sufficient to conceal the typological roots…

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