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  • Architects Draw: history

    Drawing has been a staple of an architect’s profession for longer than architecture has been a profession …

  • Wellington’s Urban Design

    At the Architecture Centre we feel it is time to ask some questions. The rumblings from our city have been going on for some time – the big question is : what IS going on at the Wellington City Council with regards to the Urban Design and Planning of the capital city? Arch Centre has a…

  • Invercargill leads the way.

    Quite alot happens at the edges of our roads.

  • Looking out for us … all

    Sitting in Mojo’s in Dunedin last weekend, sheltering from wind and rain, a chance glance at the ceiling revealed the ominous black perspex globe hiding a security camera.

  • On the Prowl

    In recent weeks (something about tragic airline promotions), the notion of the cougar has been roaming the airwaves (probably more than our streets).  Rather than Baudelaire’s notion of a flaneur (the more placid experience of the city through walking), a more aggressive and sexually-charged urban exploration is gaining currency in our city’s lexicon.

  • Fashion offensives

    Architecture has historically had a difficult relationship with fashion, and, despite the challenges of the Urbis generation, it continues to perpetrate an image of consistent fundamentals, along with its younger siblings: Urban Design and Town Planning.

  • The Elephant in the Room

    Phil Jones‘ talk on last Wednesday (9 Sept 09) presented the idea of shared spaces (also known as naked streets) in the context of the council’s proposal to convert lower Cuba St into a shared space.

  • A Place to Stay : film

    What: A Place to Stay – a film about Salisbury Garden Court When: Saturday July 11, 11.30am Where: Paramount Cinema, Courtney Place This film by Marie Russell and Shane Loader presents the history of Salisbury Court in Wadestown, and asks, what is the relationship between people, their community, and the architecture that surrounds and houses…


    PUBLIC LECTURE: WEDNESDAY 6TH MAY, VUW SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE / 17:30 DRINKS / 18:00 LECTURE Kerstin is the director of Melbourne based architecture, landscape and urban design practice Kerstin Thompson Architects. The studio’s projects of varying scale “pursue the poetic possibilities of architecture rendered through an overall site vision that orchestrates a complementary organisation of landform, interiors,…

  • Naked streets: the Dutch are doing it – why don’t we?

    “Naked streets” or “Naked roads” – some even call them (more tamely) “Shared Spaces” – have apparently been around since the 1980s.   Credited to Hans Monderman, the Naked street idea is based on a psychological approach which supports designing roads to reflect the different cognitive skills needed in different transport situations.  Shared suburban spaces…