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  • Urban conveniences: post-cellphone city spaces

    I am one of those achronistic beings who doesn’t wear a watch, and doesn’t own a cell-phone. This perhaps means I have become particularly aware of the urban accessorizing, from which I often try to glean the time or a phone call from, which has undergone huge changes over the last 10-15 years in New…

  • Lara Almarcegui Relocated Houses, Brittons Yard, 2009

    Location : Brittons Yard, Haywards Hill Road, Wellington and insert in Friday’s Dominion Post newspaper, Wellington Friday 13 February 2009, 6.30-8.30pm As part of the One Day Sculpture programme Lara Almarcegui critiques the practice of house moving from the perspective of sculpture, inviting questions on how the built environment is valued and manipulated.