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  • Apple strudel

    A small post, updating the one we posted last year – Apple have just unveiled the revised glass cube on 5th Avenue, the world’s most prolific retail spot. The architecture, such as it is, has been reduced even further: from 90 panes of glass down to just 15, or so we are told. As the…

  • Postcard from New York

    Tonight, coming at you Live and Direct from New York City, the greatest city in the World… ¬†Yes, there are other great cities apart from Wellington, and it’s interesting to compare how the original Gotham city stacks up to our own mini-Manhatten.

  • Pared to the core – Local Body Councils on a Hiding to nothing

    First they let him loose on the dance floor, then Super-Auckland, and now the rest of us – does this man know no humility…? Rodney Hide is set to Tango all over Local Body law in order to reduce them to core services – such as public health and safety, and rubbish collection. Here is…