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Apple strudel

Monday, November 7th, 2011

A small post, updating the one we posted last year – Apple have just unveiled the revised glass cube on 5th Avenue, the world’s most prolific retail spot. The architecture, such as it is, has been reduced even further: from 90 panes of glass down to just 15, or so we are told.

As the old song goes, its funny the change, from major to minor… (more…)

Postcard from New York

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Tonight, coming at you Live and Direct from New York City, the greatest city in the World…  Yes, there are other great cities apart from Wellington, and it’s interesting to compare how the original Gotham city stacks up to our own mini-Manhatten. (more…)

Pared to the core – Local Body Councils on a Hiding to nothing

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

First they let him loose on the dance floor, then Super-Auckland, and now the rest of us – does this man know no humility…?

Rodney Hide is set to Tango all over Local Body law in order to reduce them to core services – such as public health and safety, and rubbish collection. Here is the official report from this morning’s article (although a fuller media account of the proposals can be found here):

The Cabinet has signed off on Mr Hide’s request for the Department of Internal Affairs to review local government law, including the removal of the requirement for councils to deliver on “community outcomes” such as social, environmental and cultural “wellbeing” which Mr Hide said pushed councils into providing services well beyond their core roles.