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Similarity Files

from the Similarity Files – Boston City Hall

By Similarity Files

Boston City Hall by Kallmann, McKinnell, and Knowles

The connection here is more than obvious, and not exactly news either, but it is extra-topical in some ways. Just as our very very poor imitation of this building is slated for demolition (it might as well be), so too is the Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino, proposing the abandonment of the Boston City Plaza, Hall and all, and relocating the Government Center to a South Boston site. Read More

from the Similarity Files – or, “haven’t we met before?” Shaklee Terraces

By Similarity Files

Shaklee Terraces, 444 Market Street, San Francisco CA, United States

Architect: Skidmore Owings Merrill, 1979

Isn’t this somewhat eerily familiar, in this pic at least (and a whole bunch of others by Thomas Hawk, which can be seen here)? While any similarities to a certain green building, completed┬áin our own city┬áalmost a decade later (and with a consequent PoMo twist), are no doubt only superficial, the resemblance is nevertheless striking. Our example is noted by local authors as “a tour de force of stylish design” (Hodgson), and as making a “clear reference to the undulating facade of Gummer’s 1940 State Insurance Building” (Shaw), which means of course, that any┬ásimilarities to SOM’s Shaklee Terraces are entirely incidental…

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