Debates about the Flyover proposed for Wellington still ringing in our ears (the Basin Bridge Board of Enquiry is ongoing as we speak), it seemed like an appropriate time to examine what the underside of a Flyover actually looks like.

The answer seems to be: often Not Very Pretty. Keeping in mind that this is Hong Kong, where graffiti appears to be almost unheard of, and I’m sure that Boards of Enquiry are not held into the building of flyovers, then most of their flyovers are simply grey and uninteresting.
This one (above) is typical, in that conduit for wiring ineviably gets fixed on it for something.
People living under this one. More pictures after the break
It’s warm in their climate year round of course, but generally flyovers and bridge undercrofts are adopted by the homeless because they are dry. No rain ever gets beneath there, nor, normally, any sunbathers…
Quality of finish can be good, or can be poor. Repairs to underside of concrete are often less than spectacular.
Sometimes the roading engineers can get a bit carried away by their awe-inspiring ability to drive cars into the sky.
and so it goes…
I’ll leave you with this one. In the old days, this aerial pedestrian ring road, just near Happy Valley, showed the way to happy funtime urban excitement!


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