Lobster loos


Down on the waterfront between Shed 11 and Foxglove the construction of the ‘lobster loos’ has quietly started behind a discrete plywood hoarding.  No doubt these will be ready in time for revellers at the rugby world cup.



The last we heard of the toilets was late last year when councillors voted 8-6 to proceed with the two toilets at a cost of $375,000.  At the time there was some controversy over the cost given the recession and council spending cuts.  These toilets were designed to be ‘iconic’ and there is obviously a price to be paid for an instant icon.  For some the cost of the form did not correspond to the value of the function or was it that the value of the form did not correspond to the cost of the function.  So it will be interesting to see the toilets when they are complete, and to see how they are used – in terms of both their form and their function.




3 responses to “Lobster loos”

  1. thomas Avatar

    Still seems a bit obscene, given that the money could build a couple of homes in ChCh – a city where portaloos are still a fact of life for many people…

  2. Peter H Avatar
    Peter H

    I don’t think Wellington should be ashamed by spending up large on civic amenities like this. The waterfront urgently needs facilities for people to urinate in, especially with the World Cup coming up – recall know that rugby fans are like dogs that will piss everywhere.
    While I think that the thing needed is really about 10 more of these sprinkled throughout the city, with each of these places looking like a different sea-creature – this one may be a Lobster, others could be fashioned after crabs, starfish, or giant centipedes.

  3. Londoner Avatar

    There’s still a need for more of these loos – at a far higher frequency throughout Wellington. Just having one of these Lobster Loos down at the waterfront isn’t enough – need them scattered throughout the city. Along Lambton Quay. Along Courtnay Place. Throughout Thorndon, Khandallah, etc. Just need more loos!

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