Earthquake Ideas Competition

This just in, for those keen to let their imaginations run free over the summer holidays – an ideas competition on forestalling earthquake damage before it even happens.
Full details available at the NZ Society for Earthquake Engineering

This competition seeks proposals to increase the resilence of cities and communities affected by earthquakes and tsunamis, with a focus on aiding recovery and social regeneration to affected areas.

Entrants are encouraged to choose a city or community familiar to them, anywhere on the Pacific Rim, and to design a proposal that utilises preplanning and/or post-disaster response and reconstruction methodologies to reduce the long term impact of an earthquake event on the built environment and social fabric. Entries will respond to the specific earthquake hazards and vunerabilities that the chosen area faces.

The competition is open to all design disciplines, including architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning; and all associated engineering and sociological disciplines. Multidisciplinary entries are welcome, and international entries are encouraged.


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  1. Entry requirements
    Entrants are required to identify a city or community anywhere on the Pacific Rim, that is prone to earthquakes and/or subject to earthquake-triggered landslip or tsunami risk. This will form the site for the design proposal. The site can be one which has experienced an earthquake or tsunami recently, or one which has known risks. Entrants are encouraged to use a site that they are familiar with, or to which they can research and identify the relevant risks, vunerabilities and social factors.

    Entries are to be on a single sheet of A1 paper, landscape format. They can contain any types of images drawings and photos that graphically explain the proposal, along with text annotation. The A1 paper sheet must be able to be rolled, and not mounted on board.

    The chosen site, and a description of the identified risks and vunerabilities must be stated on the entry. This, and any other paragraph text describing the proposal, must be limited to 250 words. Paragraph text should be no smaller than 12pt.

  2. Submission date is in April so you have some time yet

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