Shape-shifting interior

Looking to maximize space in your apartment? If so, then the following apartment in Hong Kong may be for you…


4 responses to “Shape-shifting interior”

  1. Fantastic. Auckland’s “bed-in-the-kitchen” apartments could utilise that.

  2. Arhtur Avatar

    That’s the cleverest thing I’ve seen for ages – although he didn’t say what had happened to his mum and dad and sisters and the family in the spare room. Are they still all in there too, folded away into the walls? Great pad for a single man, and fantastic storage solution – especially if you have a few thousand DVD like him – but maybe need to check the floor loadings in case everyone decides to do that !

  3. A technological marvel, yes, but what was once a family home can now only fit one person (imagine trying to share the space as a couple who might not want to be doing exactly the same thing all of the time). So, not exactly what I would call eco-friendly, or even space-saving…

    (PS where was the WC?)

  4. Arthur Avatar

    And where is the Phillipino cleaning lady’s room ! They always have one of those too !

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