Video of the Week XLI – Frank Gehry, you’re a genius!

We’ve probably all seen this by now, but if you haven’t, it is that classic Simpson’s episode…

I can’t find a better online version, but here you go anyway (click on the image below to get to the video page…)

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3 Responses to “Video of the Week XLI – Frank Gehry, you’re a genius!”

  1. Guy says:

    Wow, Spanish U-Tube? Where did you find that !

    Love it…

  2. Chicago Millennium Park Auditorium looks like big piece of paper / aluminum. I have to say. IT’s impressive. Goehry is in his style trap. Everybody wants his style – with no room for variations.

  3. Guy says:

    Chicago Painter – welcome to the website – glad you are enjoying it – and I see that you really are a Chicago Painter. By Millenium Park auditorium, do you mean that giant shiny metal bubble in Chicago? Or is that something else?