Summertime architectural gems

Rough, cut or cooked …

… gems are sweet.  But even better than the rock or culinary kinds are those ephermal little architectural moments which are unexpected and completely delightful; the type that summertime holidays often spring on you.

Those of you who have already seen “Where the Wild Things Are” will no doubt agree the fort, that the Wild Things build with Max, is one of those architectural gems.  Max’s answer to the island woes is a building project which is both fragile, lyrical and monumental – but sadly the current images on the web don’t really do it justice … you’ll just have to see it in the flesh – so to speak.


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  1. Interesting – am looking forward to seeing the film.

    We should run a survey/competition to nominate the best architectural gems in a movie, and then have a big sit-in to watch the ‘winners’…

  2. On the Architecture News poll (I can’t find anywhere to comment on that), I tend to rely on the Architecture feeds from the NYT and the Guardian for my international news fix. Despite my early ‘promoting’ of WAN in the ArchCentre Newsletter (perhaps that should also be on the list), I quickly tired of the ‘eye-candy’ approach to architectural reportage…

  3. The shot-up in “Duplicity” might be too much gun-fire and action to be classed as a gem – but it was great architectural fun of some description

  4. oops – forgot to say it was in FLW’s Guggenheim

  5. letraset Avatar

    If you want architectural pleasure in film look no further than Orson Welles’ “The Trial” (1962)- fabulous – hard to think which of the architectural gems is the best in it, though if I had to I’d go for the scene with the school girls running after the protagonist – talk about architectural shadows …

  6. An all time favourite if mine is in Gattaca, where the Marin County Council buildings (by Frank Lloyd Wright, but the, you knew that already, right?) is one of the main sets for the movie.

    I’ve always thought that you know when you’ve produced a masterpiece when people want to film something there. Means it is nice eye candy if nothing else….

  7. M-D : Its nice to have you back. Good trip?

    If you’re looking for WAN on the voting list up on your right, it’s there in the current poll. Been there since day 1. Doing well in the polls too.

  8. – don’t forget Metropolis – I know that’s as cliched as saying Bladerunner – but I love that Metropolis set.

  9. speaking of the New York Guggenheim, there is an exhibition coming up in Feb 2010 till April, called Contemplating the Void, where 200 artists have been approached to come up with proposals for the famous space within the spiral. Should be fascinating, if only I could get there… More details here:

  10. another world famous blog such as yours has also picked up on that story (perhaps BLDG BLOG is a tad more influential, having recently been crowned as one of the 9 best arch blogs in the world….) anyway, read on and enjoy. Can’t help you with the airfare, sorry!

  11. hmm Maximus – any relation to Max in “Where the Wild Things Are?”? …
    but back on topic – a vote for Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Nostalghia” (1983)

  12. Don’t know it (Tarkovsky) myself. What building does it use?

  13. him – not it!!
    – just really fabulous filming of convent, church, ruins &c. – filmed in Italy

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