The End of an Era

Last Thursday (23rd July 2009) saw the end of an era as Bill Alington had his official farewell from teaching at the School of Architecture at Victoria University

… Bill has been at the VUW school since before it began in 1975 – being one of those who advised the new Head of School, Gerd Block, on new staff and on the teaching curriculum.  Not content with just being a good architect, he has also taught construction, design, and architectural history in the 34 years since.

As you can see the event was a grand old affair, reminiscent of the 1930s in New York, an image no doubt etched on Alington’s memory as a 2 year old …  Everyone who was someone was there.  Speeches from the predictable (the Dean) were had, and more spontaneous ones proliferated from the likes of Russell Walden, Peter Wood, John Gray, Nigel Isaacs, Russell Walden, John Gray’s cell phone … everyone had something to say in recognition of Bill’s contribution to the school.

Yes this is the passing of an era – but a slow and gradual one – as I understand it.  Bill – yet to understand what retirement might mean- is taking a class through the Met Office this afternoon …


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  1. Yes – he will be missed by staff and students alike, but I am sure Bill will continue to pleasure us at the School with his company. He received a very warm round of applause from the students for his last ‘official’ lecture…

    Are there any points for guessing all of the faces and buildings?

  2. richard Avatar

    I reckon the one in the middle is Bill – but I suspect no points for that. But not so sure about the tubby short guy on his right – or the Alington House plan/Ned Kelly eyes at the far end. Am most impressed by Skinner’s get up – but don’t know the building.

  3. I’m sure George Baird is next to Robin – but is his hat the Hutt Civic Centre or the Wellington High School (or something else)? – I always get their detailing confused

  4. The real question is, aside from the identity of ‘Ned Kelly”, is who is that cheery face under the School of Music (on Bill’s right hand – is that significant too?)?

  5. I’m woried about the structural instability of Bill’s head. All that concrete on his shoulders can’t be good for his lumbago…

  6. and is that Mother Superior in the Nun’s hat on the right?

  7. Andrew Charleson definitely looks like he’s grown a huge moustache – either that or he’s chocking on that building – a church I’m guessing. … and who is that masked “man” on the far left?

  8. … and is it worth mentioning that Bill’s a life member of the Arch Centre?

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