Ah finally its here! The ultimate in no-need-for-your-own-imagination toys for kids (children are so much dumber today)… rather antithetical to the Lego tradition, but then when you can make Hogwarts, not to mention Sponge Bob why not the Guggenheim? Bring on Guggenheim Bilboa!

I picked this up from overthenet blog, who are commenting on the new budget for CNZ coming out in favour of the performing over any visual arts. Perhaps now all art should just be made as Lego, with their sponsorship!


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  1. It was always kind of an obvious omission from the catalogue wasn’t it – I mean. they have been putting out those stupidly over-priced little individual kit-sets for various vehicles, movie themes and so on for years, which despite the numerous dollars that you end up spending on them, never add up to the bucket of generic pieces of old, which you can really experiment and learn from…

    I was a Toro kid anyway – which was always embarrassingly substandard when I compared my lot to my friends’ lego collections, but I like to think that where Toro complexity stopped, was where my own imagination was encouraged…

    Which is all suffice to say that I will not be investing in the lego frank lloyd Wright Collection ™…

    Come to think of it, FLW would probably be appalled, given the legendary generative narrative of his encouragement to play with building blocks as a young child – imagine if he were presented with Lego Thomas Jefferson Collection (TM) instead of regular building blocks…

  2. I tried to find some images of toro blocks to post here for those who don’t know them, but it seems they disappeared before being captured within the great digital reality of the internet.

    Could this mean they never existed?

    Does anyone else recall them?

  3. Yep I remember toro blocks – they were the plastic ones. We had both toro and lego – but I always thought the meccano sets were the best – the old metal ones – not the plastic.

  4. batgirl Avatar

    don’t know about Toro, but when it comes to complex modernist construction toys, nothing quite surpasses Tri-ang’s Arkitex, see

  5. – for a multi-coloured close up of torro blocks.

    torro, lego, and meccano as a child! sounds like heaven. i was restricted to torro and ‘Buzz Builder’ (a cheap version of meccano, much as torro was the cheap version of lego).

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