A PLAY on TIME – 20under40 – 2009

Returning in early 2009 after an absence of a couple of years, the 20 under 40 competition was once more staged by Arch Centre, this time with a concentration on the more relaxed side of Architecture – namely, a Play on Time. The brief was a short and gruesome one, set in the near distant future: the year is 2040 and New Zealand is once more in the grips of a depressing recession. Or perhaps that should be a receding depression. In any case, the good people of our fine country have lost the ability to laugh, to live, to love, to cry. The Ministry for Architecture is having dialogue with the Ministry of Play, and the Minister is about to unveil his plans for the new Play facility, when he is tragically run over on the new inner-city Monorail. The brief is for the entrants to piece together the remnants of the bloodied brief and put together their own vision of what a facility for Play might be.

The “Play on Time” 20u40 was held Friday 6th-Saturday 7th March 2009.

The Winners were:
First Prize: G32: the PLAY-PEN – an electronic entry from Auckland architects Mark and Kate Frazerhurst

Second Prize: QUAKE LUST (Sybil Bloomfield, Alastair Upton, Jamie Roberts, Danika Grandkoski, Megan Pierce-Delaney, Rob Bark).

Third Prize: RECESSION SLIDE (Caroline Robertson, Monique van Alphen Fyfe, Chris Winwood, Mark Leong).

Resene Prize: SHOCK and HORROR (Tane Moleta, Nick Ray, Mizuho Nishioka).
Aesthetics Lighting Prize: A HUNDRED YEARS ON (Holly and Ross Keane)

Studio student Prize: BUBBLE LIFE (Gerard Dombroski, Luke Melhop, Tony Stephens, Tara Lee, Alicia Pile and James Tapsell-Kururangi)

Sopers Door Handle Prize MAN PLAY CAKE EAT GROW (Angela Foster, Kathryn McPhee, Simon Roper)

The Judges were: Estefania Galinanes-Garcia, Gerald Melling.

The Organising Committee was: Byron Kinnaird, Guy Marriage, Nick Sargent, Greta Stoutjesdijk

Thanks to the Sponsors:z
Architectural Centre, the Plumbing Store, Resene Paints, Studio, Aesthetics Lighting, People’s Coffee, NZIA Wellington Branch, Product Spec, James Hardies.


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