Video of the Week XII: Poundbury: Building Communities

Here is a companion piece to the Prince Charles post of a couple of weeks ago (I hope it is clear by now that my Zaha comments were made with tongue embedded firmly in cheek…). Here, for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure perhaps?), is a very short clip propounding the virtues of Poundbury:

What do you make of it? Would you live there?

See this article to catch up on the whole Prince vs Contemporary architecture, which has recently been reignited, with various starchitects, including Foster, Rogers, Hadid, and Gehry, penning a ‘do not trespass‘ order to/against our Royal Highness… (there is also a summarised pictorial here)

You can even vote on whether our future head of state is good for British architecture here.

[I was in the definite minority on this one – but mine was from the point of view that any debate is a start…]

Perhaps we need Mr Key to build a whole town of his holiday houses to really ignite an architectural debate in this country… Although, I have a feeling that we would somehow let it slide…



3 responses to “Video of the Week XII: Poundbury: Building Communities”

  1. richard Avatar

    Predictable – except for the lack of people on the streets for such a pedestrian-friendly town – luck there are so many tourists and media following the Prince about.

  2. The lack of people is what struck me about this people-friendly development also… this is no Coro St set…

  3. Maybe it is just a film set. I’m convinced. I bet the Prince just hasn’t been told yet. He wouldn’t lie.

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