Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is  TODAY at 6pm – Thursday, 23rd April, and it is really important that we get as many of our members there as we have some pretty important business to discuss. If you are a current member, we want you there.

You will have received the mailout of the newsletter and the email about the proposal for a bequest to the Arch Centre of a valuable building, and the resulting need for Arch Centre to act as its guardians in perpetuity. Please come to discuss and vote.

And if you haven’t paid your subs for a bit, please come and pay those as well!

6pm, School of Architecture, Victoria University, Vivian St.   See you there


5 Responses to “Annual General Meeting”

  1. thomas says:

    So the Centre might be ‘architectural’ at last?

  2. m-d says:

    I’ll be there with bells on …

  3. guy says:

    but not fairy wings and a halo ?

  4. m-d says:

    Only if that’s a presidential order…

  5. helen says:

    sounds like it was an interesting agm – am sorry I missed it