Defining who we are, and what we do…

The Urban Dictionary seems to be the only way to keep up with the rapidly evolving vernacularisms of our urban teen culture – so, just how do today’s yoofs see the practice of architecture:

Architect: An overworked and underpaid employee – of a pretentious registered practitioner of the arts (a prat). Many years in tertiary education have left the ‘architect’ bitter and in debt – and unable to relate to the remainder of society.

I am an ‘architect’ – the rest of you are unimaginative scum.

 …not to be confused with…

 Architard: A person who believes they are highly skilled in residential or commercial design, when more likely, they one I.Q. point away from selling paint at Home Depot.

When you see a house or building that is ugly beyond comprehension, you might say “Uck! Who was the architard on that one, Frank Lloyd Wrong?!”


 Architectoid: An Architectoid refers to those studying atchitecture, before completely qualified.

After qualifying fully, an Architectoid becomes an Architect.

 And the activities of an architect are defined accordingly:

Architected: Adj. An object or building with interesting or clear design aspects. Something that it looks like someone went to great pains to design, with great results.

Man that pencil holder is architected. That podium sure was architected!

 And of course, the most elusive of definitions:

Architecture: A course where students slave over countless hours of work to hopefully receive a C. It is also expected that most of the students will switch into a more fulfilling major that is easier.

“My architecture class is great this week. I’ve gotten two hours of sleep and I almost have a C in the class”.

 …or alternatively…

1. The overall appearance a woman’s body.

2. A woman with an exellent body (ie well-built)

Homegirl’s working with some serious architecture. I’m sitting at the beach, admiring all the architecture.

Neither of these last definitions, I suspect,  really adequately sums what we here at the Architecture Centre are about…



4 responses to “Defining who we are, and what we do…”

  1. There’s also:

    1. archi
    College student enrolled in an Architecture program. Archi(tect).
    Student 1: John never gets any sleep.
    Student 2: What do you expect, he’s an archi.

    But strangely enough “Architart” is yet to be defined.

  2. Additional suggestions include:

    archifacs slang version of archifacsimile

    1. A poor (two-tone) imitation of a real piece of architecture.

    Can also be an artifact (artefact) as a human made object of cultural or historical significance.

    That architect just produces archifacs such as his paraparumu pavilion with the use of bluestone wall rather than marble creating a significant artifact.

    architex mainly US usage,

    1. A design where aesthetics are rejected in favour of size, often connected with
    areas having significant oil reserves.


    1. An architects post design rationalisation released to the press, (often associated
    with starchitects).

  3. Architart – surely we can provide a definition of that here? As in :
    1. An architect who produces work for a client for free
    2. An architect who will do anything a client asks them to do
    “That B Arch is such an architart, he’ll do anything to get that job / please that client”

  4. OMG – that’s not the famous Maxiums from Eye of the Fish defining Architart. Come on you can be wittier than that surely?
    I think an architart would at least under- or over- cook their architecture, and appear in multiple trashy magazines as they do it; as in “The well-known Architart smiled gushingly for the camera as they took their pre-prepared Skytower, freshly baked, out of the oven, while signing autographs”
    I don’t think “Architart” appeared in the Women’s Weekly Wordfind but I’m sure Maximus you’d give a chocolate fish to anyone who could find it … wouldn’t you?

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