Video of the Week IV: Studio Slasher – Death by Architecture

More student studio madness – this time created by  5th year honours students in Architecture (WITS University) as a response to last week’s video… I hope this doesn’t bring back too many memories…


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4 Responses to “Video of the Week IV: Studio Slasher – Death by Architecture”

  1. Guy says:

    oh that’s just creepy Michael ! How can you ever go back to the cold dark halls of the Architecture School after that !!!?!

  2. richard says:

    What arch school did you say you went to m-d?
    ‘liked the ramps though. They remind me of the High Court in Canberra

  3. m-d says:

    Well – there are always those students that appear to drop off the face of the earth mid-way through the year…

  4. m-d says:

    Not WITS btw.