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Architecture Students: read this

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Who would want to be an architecture student?
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A grim story, with selected passages taken from The Times, England, October 15, 2009. Better to stay here this summer, than go abroad…

“Bad pay, few jobs and an uncertain future? Who’d want to be an architecture student in the current climate?
….This new bunch of architecture students, though, has added reasons to be worried. The recession has decimated the construction industry. Unemployment among architects has risen more than in any other profession. Architectural firms are in the red. Even Norman Foster’s fêted company has had its losses double in a year, from £8.5 million to £16.1 million — and that after laying off 400 staff. Fifteen years ago I graduated from the Bartlett during another recession. That was bad enough. This one, though, is a lot worse.
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Video of the Week III: Pimp My Model

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For those of us that remember our student days, or who still require the services of ‘X-Acto’ today, here’s a idea to help give that extra ‘bling’ to your design…

Here’s the link to the youtube page if the above video misbehaves…

It’s easy to see how the Harvard University Graduate School of Design gets such a prestigious reputation.

Note: I suspect that this is one tv show concept that won’t be picked up – not even by MTV