Cantilever Action

From Brazil now, where architect Humberto Hermeto has produced the Casa BF: a stunning affirmation of the power of the cantilever. Faith in the ability of the structural engineer Carlos Fonseca is also strongly evident, with 16 columns in total, of which the front two are doing all the work – or at least getting all the media glory. The international modern style that we see around the world is shown off here, with a seamlessly glazed living room poised high above the sloping site. The project has even been picked up by Kanye West’s blog, ensuring maximum media attention.

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4 responses to “Cantilever Action”

  1. Cool, elegant and sophisticated, but ultimately pointless?

  2. well it stops the neighbours peering in the windows… i guess. Except it does put you on display like a goldfish in a bowl, and you’d be cursing it the day the lift breaks down…

  3. I’m sure it will come into it’s own when the plantings mature. Now it just looks a lot like a fancy motorway bridge that’s not quite finished.

  4. I love cantilever houses. I wait till builders get new better materials – nano technology. Then cantilever architecture become much more popular.

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