A Place to Stay : film

What: A Place to Stay – a film about Salisbury Garden Court
When: Saturday July 11, 11.30am
Where: Paramount Cinema, Courtney Place

This film by Marie Russell and Shane Loader presents the history of Salisbury Court in Wadestown, and asks, what is the relationship between people, their community, and the architecture that surrounds and houses them?


Posted on 7th July 2009
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Kerstin is the director of Melbourne based architecture, landscape and urban design practice Kerstin Thompson Architects. The studio’s projects of varying scale “pursue the poetic possibilities of architecture rendered through an overall site vision that orchestrates a complementary organisation of landform, interiors, structures and services to achieve a multidimensional and sustainable environment.”

To mark her appointment as a Teaching Fellow at the School of Architecture, Kerstin will present her body of work, and with reference to her experiences as an Adjunct Professor at RMIT, discuss relationships between the production and teaching of architecture.


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Naked streets: the Dutch are doing it – why don’t we?

“Naked streets” or “Naked roads” – some even call them (more tamely) “Shared Spaces” – have apparently been around since the 1980s.   Credited to Hans Monderman, the Naked street idea is based on a psychological approach which supports designing roads to reflect the different cognitive skills needed in different transport situations.  Shared suburban spaces are contrasted to motorways and argued to need specific skills for their complex human context.  This whole area of thinking has developed more formally into the field of “psychological” or “second generation traffic calming.” Read the rest of this entry »

Posted on 21st April 2009
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Control by Lollipop: Pavlov’s Dogs in Wellington

If you’re lucky (or unlucky depending on how you see it) you might be offered a lollipop by a WCC worker for obediently waiting for the lights at the Ghuznee/Cuba St intersection before crossing the road. There’s nothing quite like being greeted by a patronising lollipop and a “Congratulations for crossing the road legally.”

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Hurrah for National Radio

Yes I know we’re all meant to say “Radio NZ: National” but National Radio rolls off the tongue so much easier. Anyway this weekend has had a number of interviews etc. which will be of interest to members.

On Saturday Kim Hill interviewed Reid Ewing, Professor of City and Metropolitian Planning at the University of Utah, about smart urban growth. Today’s “Insight” programme was on tagging, following after the “Arts on Sunday’s” programme last week on Street Art.

Also today, Chris Laidlaw spend some time discussing issues around the viability of KiwiRail on the “Sunday Group,” and this afternoon Ngahuia Te Awekotuku talked about Maori heritage arts. Finally, there was a piece on the Peace Wall at the corner of Ponsonby and K Roads in Auckland.

Posted on 22nd February 2009
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