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Twin Towers

The Death of Post-Modernism

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They say that you never forget where you were, or what you were doing, when a major event happens – Man Walking on the Moon, John F Kennedy’s assassination, the destruction of the Twin Towers, or the All Blacks winning the World Cup (in the case of myself, and I suspect many of us, it is: in school, out of school, in a flat in Mt Vic, and in front of a tv). In a similar manner, there are times marked by significant events – the one that springs to mind is the declaration of the End of the Modern Movement, with the demolition of the AIA Award-winning housing project at Pruitt Igoe, on March 16, 1972.

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Nine Eleven Architects


Richard Gage is an architect in the USA, and the lead promoter of a theory that the collapse of the twin World Trade Towers (and WT-7) in New York, was not caused by islamic fundamentalists after all. We’ve added a poll that you can vote on here, just to the right of this article. Please vote! He is also at present in New Zealand, and spoke on Kim Hill’s show this morning, and at Te Papa this afternoon: calling stridently for a new, proper, and thorough investigation. According to him, supposedly the buildings can only have been detonated by professionals, and the plane crashes were just a cover story. It is an interesting theory, and we’ll try to remain fairly neutral about it: he is collecting signatures and donations to support the movement. So far he has 976 architects and engineers who have signed up to his theory: and according to the donation logger on his website, he has collected only $20 so far in New Zealand. In America, some people take this very seriously indeed. Some of our members are strong believers in what he says, while others may be in disbelief or outright denial. In any case, Arch Centre’s web pages are a welcome venue for you to discuss the matter below.

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