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Prefab to the Rescue

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Attending the latest PrefabNZ event last week, we were treated to the sight of a school project being completed in what must surely be record time, for the replacement of a school teaching block. This has strong ramifications for Wellington, where just this week a number of government buildings, such as Courthouses in the provinces, have been suddenly struck down as dire earthquake risks. While a week ago people were happily going about their business in Court (although, come to think of it, happily may not be the correct word to use there), and now they’ve had their chambers closed down, shuttered fast until someone fixes their glaring structural faults.

The PrefabNZ industry certainly has one possible answer up its sleeves, Read More

One Day event: Kiwi Prefab

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‘Kiwi Prefab’ Workshop: Prefabricated Housing in New Zealand
for more details, refer to
Thursday 25 February 2010
School of Architecture and Design
Victoria University of Wellington
139 Vivian Street, Wellington
Please RSVP by February 1st 2010
Pamela Bell
pam_bell at

‘Kiwi Prefab’ Workshop

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‘Kiwi Prefab’ Workshop: Prefabricated Housing in New Zealand
Thursday 25 February 2010
School of Architecture and Design – Victoria University of Wellington

The prefabricated housing industry in New Zealand consists of businesses designing, manufacturing and distributing a range of housing product types, including components, panels, modules and complete buildings. There is great potential for businesses to work together and gain advantages from increased cohesiveness. This industry has been studied in depth by Pamela Bell through a two-year Master of Architecture research program and thesis ‘Kiwi Prefab: Prefabricated Housing in New Zealand’. The resulting outcomes and recommendations form the basis for this ‘Kiwi Prefab’ workshop.

This workshop is an opportunity to formally recognise the wider prefabricated housing industry and potentially develop a holistic outlook for the future. It is also a chance to share successes and challenges, and to learn of new development and marketing opportunities at both domestic and international levels. Please join us to hear the latest research findings, learn more about other members of our industry and discuss how we can work together to increase the uptake of prefabricated housing in New Zealand.
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