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Outer Tee

Tee Free

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The results of the competition for the Outer Tee were announced today – this morning, over a very tasty breakfast, with most of the architectural and creative people in Wellington in attendance. The results are that 6 schemes were picked as first place, ie with ideas worth exploring and worth taking further. They are:

Wellington’s Urban Playground – by Michael Callahan
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Water Front

By Competition

With the final unveiling of the winning solutions for the Outer Tee being announced next week, at a breakfast function on 4th November, it is time that we looked at what might actually be likely to win.

There were, sadly, not many really serious solutions. Lots of lovely stuff from the children of the city, which are great on visionary talent, but low on drawing capability, and if we take the childrens’ submissions and the results of our poll to the right, then we’d have to say: build a Roller Coaster, build a Ferris Wheel, and that by and large, Girls (and boys) Just Wanna Have Fun.

But on a more serious side, what really might be worthy of winning? My guess is that anything that builds a large structure in the middle of the viewshaft will not get through. The public has fought so long and hard for those viewshafts from the city to the sea, and WWL know better than to do away with them at this stage. So, good as it may be, this one here just ain’t going to get through:

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More Queens Wharf

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Disappointed! We carefully picked a selection of the most outrageous entries that we thought Auckland might go for: the official choice of 5 contestants is out, and whaddya know – they didn’t agree with any of our choice! No giant Kiwi eggs! No rugby balls! No tacky stuff at all! But at least they have made a decision…. almost. So, here are the final Auckland 5: Read More