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from the Similarity Files – Boston City Hall

By Similarity Files

Boston City Hall by Kallmann, McKinnell, and Knowles

The connection here is more than obvious, and not exactly news either, but it is extra-topical in some ways. Just as our very very poor imitation of this building is slated for demolition (it might as well be), so too is the Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino, proposing the abandonment of the Boston City Plaza, Hall and all, and relocating the Government Center to a South Boston site. Read More

The Flickr Travelogues – architectural eye-candy from Osaka

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Welcome to Ando-ville – I’m sure there must be worse places in the world to live if volumetricĀ formalismĀ and concrete minimalism is your thing… There are, of course, other architectural firms at work in Osaka, but an Ando building just makes such a fine photograph.

A series of images selected from a Ā Flickr keyword search: architecture/Osaka

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