My favourite modernist building … NZ Racing Conference Building

As a newcomer to living in Wellington, I was smitten by the building occupying a wedge on the Wakefield and Victoria Streets intersection (The NZ Racing Conference Building, architect: Ron Muston/Keith Cooper, Structon Group Architects, 1959).

I liked it from afar, it is full of shapes and scallops and colours.  The leafy streetscape it lives on is a delight.

And up close, I was taken by the elements of polychrome in the cement, and a human scale of street-side  wrap-around windows.

I have no idea whether it has been significantly modified to accommodate the Lido Café, but that  commercial presence on the ground level is inviting.

I understand it was a haunt for journalists when their place of work was at the Evening Post building nearby.

We need to save it from the yellow-sticker threat.

Judith Graykowski

The “My favourite modernist building …” series is in support of Gordon Wilson Flats which is facing threat of demolition.


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