Russell Walden’s “Triumphs of Change”



                   Triumphs of Change: architecture reconsidered

School of Architecture, Vivian Street @ 4.30pm, Friday 16th December.   Launch by Professor Michael OSTWALD, Dean of Architecture, NEWCASTLE University, Australia. Caroline Schopfer, book editor from Peter Lang AG, Bern, Switzerland will also be present.

Book will be on sale discounted 30% for the evening…price 75 dollars (cash)

From the publisher’s website:


This book is born out of a sense of scepticism with self-indulgence in architecture. It seeks a new prescription for readdressing architecture as an expression of human need. SenseSagacity and the Sublime define the architectural realities of its organizing principle, while Gods and Goddesses; Princes and Prelates; Corporate Clients and Citizens identify strategic shifts in Western Civilization. The book carries the judgment of democracy derived from Greek Goddess Athena. This is followed by the measured building world of Le Thoronet which advances unswervingly towards the Paris Opera – the greatest processional triumph of the 19th Century. The finale deals with Frank Lloyd Wright at «Falling Water», Le Corbusier at Ronchamp, Renzo Piano at Kansai Airport, Japan, and Santiago Calatrava’s winged vehemence at Milwaukee, USA.
The book concludes with a thoughtful reminder – emphasizing the values of human engagement while providing philosophical support for the social contract in architecture.

About the author

Russell Walden carries a Doctorate from the University of Birmingham, and is an architect with designed and built buildings in England, Scotland, and in his home country New Zealand. He is also an elected Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Architects. Recently retired from Victoria University of Wellington where he taught History and Design. His books include (ed) The Open Hand, Essays on Le Corbusier, 1977 and 1982; Voices of Silence, 1988; Finnish Harvest, 1998.


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  1. see you all there please…should be a good night

  2. Werner Osterhaus Avatar
    Werner Osterhaus

    Hi Russell,
    Congratulations on another achievement! Greetings from the other side of the world.

  3. Nice to see you here Werner – how is it going over there? Yes, we’re all looking forward to Russell’s book – years in the making.

  4. Russell,
    I agree entirely with your call for an architecture of social responsibility. This will require a huge societal if not worldwide change as architecture isn’t isolated from forces that diminish hope. Thanks for keeping a social program for architecture alive.

  5. thankyou, Werner, Peter and Guy…see you all there please

  6. hope everybody turns up…Dulux are shouting so it should be a good night

  7. Well, the long-awaited book launch has now been and gone, and it was a very moving occasion. There was a definite sense of being at the launch of a life’s work, a magnum opus, the outpouring and inscribing of literally decades of work encased in this book. Quite a night – speeches from Michael Ostwald, George Baird, Michael Dudding, and of course Russell Walden himself – a little less verbal than he was, but no less feisty. 
    I’ve got my copy – as should you – and the difficult but hopefully enjoyable part now starts for the rest of us – reading it. Might take a while – there’s a lot to get through! Massively referenced (126 footnotes just to the end of the first chapter on gods and goddesses), I’m going to enjoy this. Thanks Russell

  8. go to it guy…its meant to be read

  9. rOGER wALKER HAs written a nice piece

  10. Russell, where is Roger’s piece published? I haven’t seen it yet.

  11. For those that didn’t know, Roger Walker, architect extraordinaire, raconteur, pinot lover, and man about town, also somehow finds time in his day to write a blog.
    Here, he has written a short piece about Walden’s book “Triumph’s of Change” Thanks Roger!

  12. Beth Watson Avatar
    Beth Watson

    Gosh Russel. Now my appetitie is whetted to read your book – even though it sounds a big one. I love the ideas behind it from reading here. See you next month

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